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We provide CRM & ERP solutions to businesses of any size that are available on demand from our global data-centres. Putting you in touch with your Customer Relationship Management, Projects, Tasks, Assets, Resources, Documents and much more as and when you need it.  Access from anywhere where you can get online, or from your smart-phone.

Available as a simple buy-what-you-need model for any employee in your Company. You define their roles and permissions, so they see what they need to see and use; no more; no less.

Pick from 20 major genres in CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - 79 applications in total and growing quickly. Built on a proven global platform provided by Trivaeo Cloud Services, a global leader in Cloud based Software as a Service.  We are a proud accredited Trivaeo Cloud Services Global Partner.

Software as a Service

Business Applications

Apps and functionality that suits your needs

Not too complex to use; they don't need a manual or a userguide to be effective for your business. But, they are rich and deep enough to sustain the needs of even larger medium sized businesses.

Super Easy to administer - just fill in a few details about your company, pick the apps you want and assign them to your staff based on their role in your enterprise.

The applications are not stripped-down or limited in any form.  Whilst the applications we provide you are proudly manufactured and managed by Trivaeo Cloud Services you get 100% of the functionality they provide us. If Trivaeo updates the global cloud; you get it instantly. No new installs, no new updates to patch.

See in detail

Buy what you need, when you need it. Scale up/Scale Down. No commitments necessary.  You do not have to install ANYTHING. Many of the applications even come with free iOS and Android smartphone apps that keep working even if you don't have an internet connection.

Our applications go far beyond the limitations of traditional CRM and ERP, but do not require detailed manuals or months of installation.  They deliver instant value to your users and business.


Customer Relationship Management

Manage your Contacts, Companies, Clients, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Communications History, eMails, Accounts Information and Requested Info with full dashboards and widget reports

Business Apps

20 Genres / 79 Apps

CRM is only 1 of them!  Think of others like Human Resources Management, Project Management, Service and Help Desks, Asset Management, Contracts Management, Document Management, Resource Management, Stock get the idea!


Do it together with Team Rooms

Easily group your employees AND your clients/customers into Team Rooms where they can share documents and even work on editing team documents together; in real time even if they are in different offices or countries!


Single Sign On

Your users will have 24x7x365 access online and on smart-devices to 79 applications delivered on a safe, secure and easy to use global platform.


Let’s build great things together

As an admin of your own company you pick and mix the applications and the number of users and subscribe! It's really simple.  Buy what you need, when you want it.  Don't need it any more? Fine, you may unsubscribe just as easily.


Application Genres


Sub Applications


Your level of control

Business Applications with Flexibility

Don't get trapped into complex software

Our applications are written that whether you use one genre or all of them so that they talk to each other. You don't need to 'integrate' them. You don't need to do anything other than provide the system with basic details of your company.  One of the biggest criticisms of CRM and ERP software is the length of time it takes to install and configure, compounded by a subsequent realisation that less than 20% of it is ever used.  That cannot happen with our applications because YOU are always in control of what you have.

Easy to use

The software is so easy to use that it doesn't need manuals. Each app has a video on its launch icon that shows you what it does and how to use it

Employee Friendly

You define what your teams can use, see, edit, change, add or delete for every application. Give them what they need. Minimise your training overheads.

Clever Features

The software recognises when you add new apps and automatically links them together. No 'admin' intervention or linking is required. If you add, for example, project management to CRM then the receipt of an ORDER can automatically be imported into a project

Used by Industry already

Trivaeo Technology leads the way

You don't need to be a large or muscled company to use our Applications. But, it is already used around the world in remarkable ways.  Generic pharmaceutical distribution across the UK, The Global Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, booking and managing talent for popular TV and films, running national franchise networks for windscreen repair, coordinating transport across remote islands, currency exchange banks and many more.  All those companies at large scale already use these applications.  The great news is that you can too!

Work as a Team

Collaborate by default

Even without purchasing the Team Rooms or Document Collaboration add-ons you already be working as a team. One view of the 'truth'. One view of your customers, clients, suppliers, contacts, projects, resources, (etc, etc) ...... and companies history and journey with your entire team.  You set permissions and who can do what.

Increase Efficiency

Average ROI = 4 hours per employee per week saved!

That equals 16 Hours a Month per Employee saved.
That's 2 x full 8 hour working days.
That's a whopping 24 working days a year!

What else will you discover in efficiencies across the other 68 applications?

Win More Deals

Workflow and Intelligent Automation support you

See what needs to be done! Don't break promises you've made. Plan and execute super-easy to use 'Campaigns' and improve the quality of how your sales function integrates with your delivery and services functions.

What's the cost of not doing this?

Our technology is proudly hosted and provided by Trivaeo Cloud Services who are on a global mission to go well beyond traditional CRM and ERP, making it available to businesses of any size and shape as a software commodity.  We have already started!

Kamila Hovorkova , Director

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